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Water Sports

Water Sports

Dive into the memorable team-building experience with our water sports adventures. There are crystal clear lakes around Budapest; one even has a white sandy beach. You can do some water sports or just sunbathe on its beach. 

We can arrange some genuine fun activities for you by the lake: wakeboarding and jet skiing are challenging , and watching your colleagues on the ride is great.
Have you ever heard of the Hoverboard or Fly Board? You can dive as fast as a dolphin or fly on a board. 

Feel like going for a diving adventure. That is possible as well.
Those who are not so brave can always go for the banana ride or just enjoy a great afternoon by the lake, sunbathing and quenching that thirst with cold drinks.

Our water adventures aren't just about fun. Elevate your team dynamics with the power of water sports, where every splash is a step towards stronger connections.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Available: April – September (please check availability for each water sports)

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