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Trabant Team Tour

Trabant Team Tour

Unique sightseeing and driving experience with these iconic cars: Trabants. Driving through the streets of Budapest will make your team a very attractive convoy.

Our professional drivers will pick you up from your accommodation, and from there, we'll embark on an excursion to the outskirts of Budapest. You will drive through the city in convoy and probably get some attention. On the Trabant Team Tour, you'll have the chance to take the wheel and experience driving these iconic vehicles yourselves. Additionally, we can incorporate slalom tracks and other fun team challenges into the itinerary if you're interested in adding a bit of excitement to the journey.

Following your drive, we'll make our way to Szentendre, a charming town situated approximately 20 kilometres from Budapest. It's a picturesque locale, perfect for strolls and indulging in local culture. Let us invite you for a drink and a Lángos (Traditional Hungarian flatbread) before we start our way back to Budapest. If any of you wish to enjoy a beer, rest assured that our professional driver will be on hand to ensure a safe return to your accommodation or any other destination in Budapest.

It is an exciting and safe driving experience for any age, and eventually, you will have the ride of your life. These cars will impress you and give your group a superb driving experience to talk about for ages back home.

The cars can seat 2-3 passengers.
A driving license is a must!

Price: from €115/person
Available: all year around

Add to your event: Lunch in a local restaurant, picnic or lunch box.

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