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Trabant Sightseeing Tour in Budapest

Trabant Sightseeing Tour in Budapest

Unique sightseeing and driving experience with Trabant, Lada, Opel Kadett, Polski Fiat, TAM the around 50-year-old time machine cars. Driving through the streets of Budapest will make your team a very attractive convoy.

Have you ever sit or seen any of the retro cars listed below? Now it is time for your group in Budapest.
– Trabant ‘spark plug with a roof‘ is a 60 year old East German car
– Lada / Zsiguli 1200S, ‘the Soviet magic cube’
– Opel Kadett ‘the Western Zsiguli’ a smooth car for it’s age 40
– TAM tramm T5B seats 9 people Yugoslavian mini bus

You will be driving through the city in convoy and probably get some attentions. You can change driver half way. It is an exciting and safe driving experience for any age, and eventually you will have the ride of your life. These cars will impress you a lot and give your group a superb driving experience they will talk about for ages back home. The retro cars will be parked close to your accommodation. You will be given instructions and the key for these special time machines.

The cars can seat 2-4 passengers, TAM can seat 9 people.
Driving license is recommended!

Available: all year around

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