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Own a Food Truck

Own a Food Truck

Are you looking for a special culinary team building experience? Now your group can have their own food truck and try it from the other side.
Our pro chef will help your teams to prepare and cook their favourite local or international street foods.

Have your own gastro bus, and your team can fully participate in this unique catering in Budapest.
You can have more than one food truck for your teams, which can be competitive with judges choosing the tastiest products. Or just a laid-back cooking fun.
From typical Hungarian street foods to trying your own hamburger and hot dog cooking skills to easier international food preparation, this can be an all-time gastro experience for your group.
Cooking together not only creates a strong team but is a joy and tasteful activity too.

More team building elements can be added to this activity: the groups could come up with their food truck's/brand's name, create their slogan and design their own menu.

We can arrange you Food Trucks for lunch or dinner to the venue of an other team-building activity we offer or to any of your event or to your office.

Location: the Food Truck can be mobile and present at any location
Duration: 3-5 hours
Available: all year round
Add to your event: aprons with company logo 

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