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Mystery Team-Building Dinner

Mystery Team-Building Dinner

This team-building game combines puzzle games and interactive theatre. Delicious dishes will be served, and a unique story and exciting mysteries will await you to be solved.

You embark on an adventure with the help of your colleagues and built-in riddles, puzzles, and locks. This evening, you will be part of an exciting story. The line between reality and fiction is blurred. Who are the guests around you? Who are you? What is your relationship with them? And last but not least, is the murderer among you? Everyone is suspicious.

The mystery is a thought-provoking detective story with unexpected twists and turns. The goal is not just to find a person, object, or document but to unravel the story behind the events and evidence. Our actors and the elements usually found in escape rooms create a scene that becomes a live playing field when you enter it. We use the secrets, tactics, motivations, and goals typical of role-playing games so you can have a mission. You play this game in smaller groups, and the groups can either help each other or be competitors; there are individual and smaller group tasks as well, but you must work together to solve the mystery.

The price of the activity includes the game with all equipment, actors and helpers, a game leader, technical support, venue set-up and event management, and the dinner: 3-course dinner menu with drinks and service charges. 

Price: from €124/person
Duration: 3-4 hours
Available: all year around

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