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Live Escape Games

Live Escape Games

Escaping with your colleagues from an adventurous locked room could be a great team-building activity. It enhances collaborative problem-solving and communication, promotes creativity and innovation, and fosters participant bonding. We all like games that require using our logic and the sweet struggle of trying to solve real-life puzzles and getting a prize if your team is out on time. 

Budapest has the superpower for these live escape games; there is a vast range of themes to choose from. Budapest's exciting basements are waiting to become your team-building venue for this game. 
Your group will be divided into teams. If you have a bigger group, we can organise a bigger venue with more rooms so everybody starts and finishes simultaneously, making it a big group event or challenge.

Price: from €31/person
Duration: ~ 2 hours
Available: all year around

Add to your event:  Tailor-made trophies and medals with your company's logo and unique titles. 

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