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Laser Tag/ Airsoft/ Paintball/ Archery

Laser Tag/ Airsoft/ Paintball/ Archery

These kinds of competitive sporting events are effective team building activities. The group has to corporate and use their tactical skills to reach their goal. Our range of dynamic and engaging activities designed to strengthen teamwork and enhance strategic thinking. Choose from Laser Tag, Airsoft, Paintball, and Archery – each offering a unique experience to foster collaboration, communication, and leadership skills in a fun and interactive setting.

– Laser Tag (from €53/person): special basement or outdoor venue, infrared/laser guns (no pain)
– Airsoft (from €62/person): old-Russian base venue, AK-47 and Classic Army Tactical Carabines (cause little pain)
– Paintball (from €43/person): old-Russian base venue, paintball guns (might cause bruises)
– Archery (from €40/person): the traditional sport at the outdoor shooting venue, or  Archery Tag the new version of this sport (no pain)

Duration: 3-4 hours
Available: all year around

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