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Hot Air Balloon Team Tour

Hot Air Balloon Team Tour

Hot air ballooning is a magical experience that offers shared positive experiences. It is a unique opportunity to explore diverse landscapes from a bird' s-eye view. Fly with us near Budapest or at Lake Balaton

From the moment the balloon is inflated to the gentle touchdown upon landing, each phase of the journey fosters bonds and creates cherished memories. Floating through the air is exhilarating and serene, making hot air ballooning an extraordinary adventure. As you watch the world go by, you will have the chance to reflect on and appreciate the beauty of nature as the sun goes down and colour the sky.

Combine a Hot Air Ballooning Team Tour with a Sailing on Lake Balaton for a whole-day team-building experience.
Duration: The programme lasts around 3 hours, 1 hour in the air.
Available: April-October

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