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Historical Theatre in Eger Castle

Historical Theatre in Eger Castle

Eger Castle - Team Building Theatre

In this memorable team-building adventure, participants will step into the shoes of actors and historical figures as they create and perform a captivating theatre act showcasing Eger's history. 

This will be an extraordinary team-building event in the enchanting city of Eger, where history comes alive, and your creativity and teamwork could shape it. 

You will transform into actors and actresses, wearing period-appropriate costumes that reflect their roles. The castle's historic sites will serve as stages for the performances. Each team will present their interpretation of a historical event, bringing the city's past to life and creating a play with colleagues. The event is designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie among team members, with the guidance of a professional director and a coach who works closely with the company's HR department to tailor roles to the organisation's specific needs.

Your theatre play will be recorded, and the historical movie will be a company memory of this unique team-building.

Duration: 4-5 hours
This event can be one or two days long. We can organise the hotel and meals in Eger for you. 

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