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Crazy & Fun Driving Experience

Crazy & Fun Driving Experience

Crazy Car Driving Budapest

Get ready for the ultimate driving adventure with us. This activity is designed to push the boundaries of conventional driving and inject a dose of high-octane fun into your team building event.
Perfect for teams looking to offer an unforgettable experience, this activity combines unconventional vehicles with unique driving challenges to create a hilarious day out.

Get behind the wheel of one of our four outrageously modified cars, including a vehicle with totally blacked-out windows and a camera-guided driving system, a car with shopping kart wheels at the back, a Trabant with dual steering wheels and engines, and a car where turning the steering wheel takes you in the opposite direction—with the gas pedal ingeniously placed in the glove box.

Participants will face a series of driving challenges that require teamwork, communication, and a good sense of humor to navigate these peculiar vehicles through various courses and tasks.

The venue is only 45 minutes from the city center or you can order crazy cars to any venue or to your office as well.

Price: from €125/person
Duration: 3-4 hours 
Available: March-November
Add to your event: lunch served from a Food Truck  

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