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Budapest the Movie Star

Budapest the Movie Star

Budapest Movie Star Video

Create a music video or an image film of your company while exploring the iconic sights of Budapest! This team-building activity is a creative outlet and a unique way to see the city and bond as a team.

The creative groups are awaiting many tasks: script writing, storyboarding, costume designing, shooting, and editing. Let's use this short video or music piece to capture the spirit of your company against the backdrop of Budapest's stunning architecture and vibrant street life.

Pre-Production: Begin with brainstorming the ideas. Here, teams can decide on a theme that resonates with your company's values: innovation, unity, or customer service. Teams will learn the basics of video production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, and the technicalities of shooting a video.
(Basic option: shooting by phone / + Pro option: shooting with professional equipment)
This can be held in your hotel, office or a particular venue.

Scouting Locations: Teams will venture out to scout the perfect locations. Budapest offers a mix of historic and modern settings, from the grandeur of Buda Castle and the Parliament Building to the contemporary vibe of the Jewish Quarter and the bustling Danube Promenade.

Shooting: Each team will shoot their scenes by their phone at various locations. They'll direct and perform in their videos, encouraging teamwork and leadership.
+ Pro Option: Equipped with professional video recording equipment.

Team Roles: Each member will take on a role—director, actor, cameraman, designer, and editor. This ensures team engagement and allows members to contribute their unique skills to the project.

+ Pro Option: Editing and Post-Production: 
1. After filming, teams will reconvene to edit their footage. This could involve a crash course in video editing software, adding music, and finalizing their project.
2. If you wish, our professional editing team will do it using the script and descriptions.

Premiere Night: The day culminates in a "film premiere" where each team presents their video. Colleagues can enjoy the productions and vote for categories like 'Best Picture', 'Best Acting', and 'Best Use of Budapest Landmarks'.

Memorable Product: The completed videos serve as a lasting souvenir of the trip and a unique piece of team-created content that can be used for marketing or internal communications.

Duration: 3-5 hours
Available: all year around

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