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Budapest Discovery Game

Budapest Discovery Game

In the game the teams should find places and hidden elements, answer questions, resolve puzzles, talk to people, take photos in order to find the address of the final meeting point. As the teams are playing on the streets of Budapest and inside buildings (bars, restaurants, museums etc.), the game is ideal in any wheater conditions. 

At the end of the game, the groups meet up and try to open the Treasure chest and collect the gifts. The teams find out that they need each other, everyone should work together to resolve the final puzzle and obtain the treasure. We celebrate the teams' success and reflect on the group work and give feedback to the participants. 

We offer the possibility to personalize some of the questions in order to draw attention to a specified HR or corporate message, goal. This way the team building can support the corporate values and promotes increasing loyalty towards the company.  

Price: from €42/person
Duration: ~ 3 hours
Available: all year around

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