Useful Information About Budapest

Here are some useful information about Budapest from Hungary for Events.

Budapest is a very safe city to choose for your corporate event, but every city has its rules that are good to know. That is why we put the following together for you.

Tips& tricks from us, the local experts and Budapest specialists since 2002:

Useful Information

  • Budapest has a perfect size to be a tourist at, as most sights are in walking distance within 2 hours in the city centre. We offer many exciting sightseeing options for you to explore our city, Budapest. Budapest Discovery Game, Fun Sightseeing, Trabant Tour, Riverboat Cruise
  • Budapest’s nightlife is world famous and very special. The nightlife begins after 10:30 pm and most of the clubs are open till 5 am or even longer. There is a reason why we call Thursday the small Friday, and there are parties on Wednesday too. When it comes to nightlife we are your local knowledge. Just let us know your group’s music preference and style and we show you where. Our superb guides will feel your group’s needs and make the tour personalized and will check on everybody’s enjoyment.
  • Budapest has a bar/club district: Street Kazinczy – Street Király but some of the best clubs are spread out. It is always good to have local guides with you, so all you need to focus on is to have fun and enjoy. We recommend having a Nightlife Tour on the first night to feel comfortable in Budapest on the following ones.
  • Generally, no dress code in Budapest, but in a few clubs, there are the rules of no white trainers or shorts. Jeans are fine.
  • Budapest is becoming a gastro capital lately. You must have heard about Goulash but there are  several other Hungarian dishes to taste. From the friendly local bistros to Michelin-star restaurants we know them all. We can recommend you food places suiting your style and taste. Or you can try our set menus.
  • We must mention our world-famous wines. The best if you taste them yourself and visit the wine village in the south of Buda and its unique wine cave system. Experience one of the largest wine cellar labyrinths of the world and combine this activity with a local dinner or lunch.
  • Our special local shots that will definitely make you feel alive and make your head spin a bit is the Palinka (40%-60% fruit brandy) and Unicum (40% herbal liqueur, it’s like Jager, but a bit more bitter).
  • In Hungary we usually give a 10% tip for all services (restaurants, bars, taxis). Some restaurants include service fee, so please check your bill.
  • Budapest can offer a wide range of accommodations from the easy-going hotels through high class apartments to the most luxurious hotels. Just let us know your needs and budget and we can offer the best centrally located accommodations.


  • Taxis are all yellow in Budapest, and all should use the same fare. But there are still some sharks unfortunately. So check if the taxi has big company logo on it. Or ask your guide to arrange you one.
    Cheap and safe if you call (usually the dispatcher speaks English):
    Tele 5 taxi: +36 1 555 5555, or 6×6 taxi: +36 1 666 6666
    Application: Taxify
  • NEVER change money in the street. Especially not with a guy saying he will give you a “special good rate”. You might get a wad of newspaper cuttings for you hard earned cash. There are exchange agencies, boxes around the city and your guide can show you one if you wish.
  • Bouncers are surely not the nicest people in Budapest. Their role is to keep the place safe, not to be friends with you.

Local Event Services

  • We can make your event pre work easier as well. You do not need to print and arrange all the event supplies or corporate gifts before your arrival and get the hassle of deliver it to Budapest. We can arrange anything for you in Budapest. Let us know what you need, send us your logo and we will make it all quality done for you in Budapest.
  • Would you like to record your special team building and corporate get-together? We have a professional photography & video team service.

Learn a Bit of Hungarian

Are you ready to get to know our special  language a bit more to amaze the locals and feel comfortable in Budapest? Or just give your colleagues the link for a Hungarian language exercise and start the team building with this: Quick & Easy Learn Hungarian