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Etyek Team Cuvée - Make Your Wine

Etyek Team Cuvée - Make Your Wine

Mix your own wine on our Etyeki Team Cuvée programme in the 150-year-old wine cellar in Etyek (a vineyard village only 20 minutes from Budapest).
The programme begins with a blind tasting of three wines. After the guests make their cuvée from the three wines, bottle the finished wine and stick a unique label created by the teams.
The bottles are corked and encapsulated using authentic tools, ready to go so you can take home your own Etyek Cuvée.

We have an exciting Etyek Quiz Game, which could be added to the program and personalised as well.

Villány is another vineyard village 2 hours from Budapest - we offer variety of events experiences there as well.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Available: all year around

Add to your event: Trabant Treasure Hunt is a unique and exciting way to drive and explore with these unique cars in and around Etyek (Korda studio awaits you too).
Add to your event: Excellent local lunch or dinner options are also available in Etyek, you can cook your own Goulash there too.
Add to your event: If you only have short time to explore, we can offer our 30-60 minute fun game, the Etyek Quiz.
Add to your event: Various workshops and local games

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