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Corporate Team Building Getaway in Villány

Corporate Team Building Getaway in Villány

Escape to Villány and have an amazing wine tour and getaway with your company.

Escape to the stunning vineyard region of Villány (just 2 hours from Budapest) for a corporate team building or partner getaway that promises to be both productive and memorable.
This carefully planned getaway with at least one night in a unique local hotel offers building stronger relationships and creating lasting memories in the countryside of Hungary.

Wine Tours and Tastings: Explore the renowned wine cellars of Villány, home to some of Hungary's finest wines. Our curated wine tours will take you to the best vineyards, where you will enjoy exclusive wine tastings guided by expert sommeliers.

Quiz: Between cellar visits, engage in an exciting quiz designed to your company, adding a bit of competitive edge to your adventure.

Villany Culinary Delights: Savor the flavors of Villány with dining experiences tailored to your preferences. Whether you crave authentic local cuisine or sophisticated fine dining, we have partnerships with the area's top restaurants to ensure your meals are exceptional. Each restaurant offers a unique ambiance and menu, providing the perfect setting for team bonding and networking.

Unique Evening Team Building Activity: As the sun sets, gather for a one-of-a-kind team building activity designed to bring colleagues and partners closer together. Our evening program will create the best mood effects allowing opportunity for networking. This engaging activity will not only strengthen team bonds but also ensure a memorable experience for all participants.
And we can finish the night with music and maybe dance too by a crowd pleaser DJ.

Experience the best of Villány with us while building stronger relationships and creating lasting memories.

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